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Basic Information of Freezing Your Credits and other Financial Services

Freezing your credit is a way to ensure that your identity and credit are safe. Identity theft is a serious crime, and sometimes you can’t protect your credit. But freezing your credit is a very effective way to protect your credit and keep your identity safe.

When you freeze your credit, the credit reporting bureaus don’t give your information to anyone who investigates about your credit. Sometimes businesses or workplaces inquire about your credit. When you are trying to open a new bank account, buy a new car, rent an apartment, or if you want to buy a new property, they inquire about your credit from credit bureaus.

Previously, credit bureaus would charge you for the services, but now they provide free credit freezing services. You can freeze or unfreeze your credits anytime you want.

Unfreeze your Credit

If you have your credit freeze, and you will need to unfreeze it to buy a new car or rent an apartment. At some point, you will have to unfreeze your credit. When you want to unfreeze your credit, you will have to talk to each credit bureau individually and have them unfreeze your credit.

To unfreeze your credit, you will need your personal identification number. To unlock Equifax credit freeze online, you will also have to set up accounts to freeze or unfreeze.

Here are some other credit or financing and stock services provided by consultant these days are

  • Prime Services

Credit Suisse prime services online allows exceptional financing, clearance, credit unlocking or freezing, and custody to hedge funds. They partner with fund managers and start-ups and provide exceptional prime brokerage services.

  • Prime Brokerage

The prime brokerage provides financing services such as custody, clearing, and other financial. Such brokerage service providers have to access corporate action services, and they offer real-time and flexible technology.

  • Prime Financing

Prime financing is a department of financing that provides market access, reporting and execution. They offer products like swaps over futures, structured solutions, and customizable synthetic products.

  • Consulting

The consulting team provides you the knowledge and essential information to help you establish a start-up or invest in stocks. These consultants have the experience and information that you need to set up your new start-up or invest in a business.

  • Capital Services

Capital services team is a team of experts that assists and helps build diverse stable capital use. This department has previous track records that they use to minimize the risk of loss for you and give you a good profit. They can help prepare the pitches, target key global investors and manage the diligence process.


All the services such as prime brokerage and other capital services refer to a bunch of services that investment banks and financial institutions offer. You can invest in stocks if you do not want to get a loan from the bank and take capital services from a financial company. Prime brokerage services also include cash management and securities lending.

Credit Consultants of America provides exceptional credit consultancy services. They have experts in the departments of capital services, prime financing, credit freezing and unfreezing. You can also get capital services and consulting at affordable prices.

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